The Binding of Isaac

I know what you’re thinking. I can see that look in your eye(s). Some of you, no doubt, have already reported me to the authorities for blog abuse.

But you’ve got me down all wrong. This is not like that time I forgot I owned a hamster and later figured the quickest and most honourable thing to do was brick up the pet room and slap a couple biohazard signs in the vicinity. In a pang of post-apathy guilt I launched a tear-jerking poster campaign offering a reward for my missing hamster, whose useless name escapes me momentarily, and afterwards I was forced to drown my phone as it had started to resemble a clear-cut case of tinnitus.

I should have seen it coming; all hamsters are interchangeable, grumpy bio-toys that eat their children and don’t even have the decency to bounce when thrown, and who wouldn’t want a few hundred bucks to get rid of one? Continue reading

New details have arisen about Ed McMillen’s upcoming game. They have arisen like a deranged monkey arising after a slumber induced by barbiturates and angel dust.

The Binding of Isaac, to paraphrase McMillen (whom I imagine types his game news in like The Phantom of the Opera plays piano), will be a dynamic arranged marriage between Zelda’s dungeon-crawling and Smash TV’s possessed shootery. Continue reading

EDIT: Oh heavens, I forgot to credit Indie Games for this. I should be lashed like the caitiff I am.

Quick squee: Team Meat dev Edmund McMillen is working on a roguelike! It will be called The Binding of Isaac! And, presumably, it will be typically sane and conformist. I don my +2 blessed socks of fondness. Continue reading