Franz Ferdinand poster croppedWar, like playing silly buggers, is something best confined to the frame of a computer screen. And if you’re looking for silly-bugger warfare, why, you’d be pressed hard to look farther than Positech’s Gratuitous Tank Battles.

GTB is pretty thoroughly like and yet unlike its spiritual predecessor, Gratuitous Space Battles. You’re on earth instead of the yawning eye sockets of the universe, exchanging fire with crunching, mechanical brutes of riveted steel instead of the seething insects of interstellar death.

That is to say, you’ve got to stop some bastard’s big, gruesome machines and cannon fodder from getting through some tunnels, and you’ve got to shove your own gruesome machines and cannon fodder through some tunnels while some BASTARD tries to stop you.

So it’s tower defence and offence all wrapped up in a bow. A smoking, ragged bow that’s been used as a garrotte. It’s fucking hard, is what I’m saying. But this frustration is mitigated by the fact that you can make magenta mechs.

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Games like A Valley Without Wind pose a conundrum for me.

It’s a stunning proposal, see: an infinite world, filled with infinite possibilities, challenges and content. It’s the gaming grail, and it’s rather often that an intrepid group of developers set out to raid the tomb that holds it.

Sometimes they come back. Continue reading