Excellent news, and just in time for my bicentennial post! Those Machiavellian fellows over at Spooky Squid have pulled the ol’ switcharoo on the Xblock, abandoning Microsoft’s system and opting instead to vent their upcoming arcade horror game They Bleed Pixels on Steam. Which is obviously a very clever thing to have done. Oh, jubilance! Continue reading

Cthulhu celebrates.

Fantastic news! PC sales of Zeboyd Games‘ Cthulhu Saves the World and Breath of Death VII have brutalised the Xbox figures, with Steam sales topping the console’s year-plus exclusivity of all things Zeboyd in just six days. Six days! I want to run into the streets and tell strangers, but I would probably drool and alarm the elderly.

Indie developers, take note would you? PC gamers want to buy you drinks and handcuff you to the bed. Let’s be done with this console-comes-first silliness, shall we?

I found this little bundle of smugness over at Gamasutra. Thanks, Gamasutra!

New details have arisen about Ed McMillen’s upcoming game. They have arisen like a deranged monkey arising after a slumber induced by barbiturates and angel dust.

The Binding of Isaac, to paraphrase McMillen (whom I imagine types his game news in like The Phantom of the Opera plays piano), will be a dynamic arranged marriage between Zelda’s dungeon-crawling and Smash TV’s possessed shootery. Continue reading


Oh fiddlesticks. I am so behind the times.

But that doesn’t matter! This does: Limbo is coming to Steam, having had its silhouetted, creepy way with the players of the Box of X. Continue reading