Speculative Fiction

Zombie screencap

It just goes to show: There is nothing you can do to stop an invasion of zombies. Or zombie games, for that matter.

You have no doubt already surmised through my subtle subliminal cues that I am talking about the winner of IntroComp 2011. The results were announced yesterday, and I seen them. I seen them at GameSetWatch, actually, which came as an ephemeral shock because I’d forgotten to be the one to get the news out first. Continue reading

Oh man, when interactive fiction is done right it’s sublime.

This morning I played Speculative Fiction, an IntroComp 2011 entry I think I should have left to last, because now it’s done and I’m oozing towards a depressive state.

But really, for once I have nothing to complain about. Aside from a few nano-niggles, Speculative Fiction is a transfixing study in Doing Things Right. Continue reading