Games like A Valley Without Wind pose a conundrum for me.

It’s a stunning proposal, see: an infinite world, filled with infinite possibilities, challenges and content. It’s the gaming grail, and it’s rather often that an intrepid group of developers set out to raid the tomb that holds it.

Sometimes they come back. Continue reading

One word: Legend.

Not enough for you? Here’s two more, then: of Grimrock.

Now that we’ve got the requisite suspense out of the way, please look away while I salivate helplessly. I have a syrupy spot for old-fashioned dungeon crawlers, especially when they’re new-fangled, and Legend of Grimrock is tolchocking me directly in the nostalgia sac.

Details of the game’s magic system have arisen, and they’re looking very… runic. But in a good way! I happen to loathe runes in general, owing to a childhood mishap with Vikings, but it seems Grimrock’s take on the matter will allow for some neat combinatorial combat cake. (I say cake not merely for its alliterative benefit, but for its deep symbolic value.) Continue reading

Chantelise screenshot

Ooh, well spotted, Rock Paper Shotgun: Carpe Fulgur, those loveable lightning-grabbers responsible for the localisation of Recettear, are about to release another fastidiously-translated indie game on Steam and other things that are not Steam.

Chantelise: A Tale of Two Sisters was actually released before Recettear in Japan, and it bears a sisterly resemblance to its successor, by way of graphics and combat and happiness and other such things. It’s an action RPG designed in a wind tunnel, so while money will change hands in shop-like establishments at points, for the most part you’ll be running after the witch who turned your sister into a faery, and not after capitalism. Continue reading

Cthulhu Saves the World ScreenshotI have subjected the readers of G3AR to some more judgmental thoughts, this time about Cthulhu Saves the World. Some of these thoughts are kindly, but not in the same way that elderly women who want to feed the world are kindly. They’re the more selfish kind of kindly and are entirely involved with my enjoyment and satisfaction.

The other thoughts are less kindly, but not in the same way that elderly women who wear gas masks and dress in crotchless vinyl are less kindly. They’re the more bored kind of less kindly. Continue reading

Screenshot 1 of The Last Stand: Union City

Zombies. We’ve all fought them off at one point or another. I don’t encounter them all that often any more now that people have explained the difference between a zombie and a toddler to me, so life’s a bit less fun.

Still, while we may hope in vain for a real zombie invasion and the freedom to run riot through a mall with a fully automatic shotgun, zombie-themed games have been invading the Interwaves for some time now, and thankfully show no signs of abating.

The latest dedicated undead death-dealing dead-’em-up is another neat browser dalliance by Con Artist Games. Following in the dragging footsteps of the other Last Stand Games, The Last Stand: Union City is a side-on depiction of zombie carnage featuring RPG elements and plenty of pick-ups. Continue reading

New details have arisen about Ed McMillen’s upcoming game. They have arisen like a deranged monkey arising after a slumber induced by barbiturates and angel dust.

The Binding of Isaac, to paraphrase McMillen (whom I imagine types his game news in like The Phantom of the Opera plays piano), will be a dynamic arranged marriage between Zelda’s dungeon-crawling and Smash TV’s possessed shootery. Continue reading

Friends, family, I have fell news: an unreasonable amount of my precious time is destined to be lost to yet another Oblivion mod.

But not just any mod: Andoran, the product of a Russian team with a tenacity befitting Alexei Stakhanov himself, is a total overhaul that pretty much slips the Oblivion engine a Mickey Finn and has its heartfelt way with it. Continue reading