New details have arisen about Ed McMillen’s upcoming game. They have arisen like a deranged monkey arising after a slumber induced by barbiturates and angel dust.

The Binding of Isaac, to paraphrase McMillen (whom I imagine types his game news in like The Phantom of the Opera plays piano), will be a dynamic arranged marriage between Zelda’s dungeon-crawling and Smash TV’s possessed shootery. Continue reading

Roguelikes, it seems, are finally getting the attention they deserve.

Just lookit Dungeons of Dredmor. At the time of writing it was the third most-sold game on Steam, already having spent some time buffing its nails at the top of that vaporous hill.

Indie developers Gaslamp Games appear a little shocked. And I suppose it is a bit of a shock to see a niche genre so readily embraced. Continue reading

I am disgusted with myself – how, by Jupiter, did I miss the first release of JADE earlier this month?

By being a damn fool with no sense, I tell you.

If you don’t know what JADE is, you mightn’t know about Ancient Domains of Mystery (ADOM); and if you don’t know about ADOM, I cannot be seen with you in public. Continue reading

EDIT: Oh heavens, I forgot to credit Indie Games for this. I should be lashed like the caitiff I am.

Quick squee: Team Meat dev Edmund McMillen is working on a roguelike! It will be called The Binding of Isaac! And, presumably, it will be typically sane and conformist. I don my +2 blessed socks of fondness. Continue reading

When I hear the word “bender” I instantaneously think of the pleasant alcoholic blackouts of my fragile youth.

I do not think of supernatural powers involving the unfair treatment of earth and water, but such is life. And such, apparently, is the nature of Bender, the second IntroComp 2011 entry I’ve chosen to review. Continue reading