White Paper Games have just put out, in trailer form, a shockingly accurate depiction of my average day on a hangover. Oh, I jest. It’s really for Ether One, a first-person mind-bender that’s looking curiouser and curiouser. Just have a gander at that lovely drawn-on art style (epilepsy warning – possible seizure trigger):
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Have you tried out the preview release of Wyv and Keep: The Temple of the Lost Idol yet? If you haven’t, you should; it’s about the best relationship simulator I’ve ever seen.

It’s also made by a company called A Jolly Corpse, a name that is awesome in a box with bows.

A cooperative platactionuzzler (a neat term I’ve just invented to spare me the effort of typing “platforming action puzzler”) positively dripping with sweet pixel graphics, Wyv and Keep features the treasure-hunting antics of, well, boy Wyv and girl Keep. You can play it by yourself if you’re a stoical loner mercenary type, or with a special friend if you aren’t. Continue reading