Terraria screenshotTerraria is doing pretty well for itself. To put this statement into perspective, I’ll ask you to imagine a skeletal junky commenting casually on the popularity of heroin.

Oh, but let’s not get all cosy with the game addiction debate just yet, shall we? We were talking about Terraria and its not inconsiderable slice of the world’s cashpie. The game’s overlords have just let slip that Terraria had sold over 630 000 copies by the time July 27 showed its face. That’s pretty neat.

The post also speaks of the devs’ plans to embrace the modding community, which is always a spritely business plan in my opinion. If they play their poker right they could do what Bethesda does and stop maintaining the game, because that’s what modders are for, aren’t they?

Oh, I’m only being facetious, Bethesda. I still love you.

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Mining poster

My muttery musings on the gold rush of virtual mining have been entertained over at the online presence of NAG. They shouldn’t encourage me, of course, because I’m liable to start chewing the furniture, but I thank them for giving me the chance to use the term “interference methanometer” in a sentence without blushing. Continue reading