Oh, blast my slovenly inattention. Joakim Sandberg, also known variously as Konjak and The Second Coming of the Pixel, has released a new alpha for The Iconoclasts. It’s shorter than the first, it’s been the subject of ratcheting and tinkering and cries of “my pretty”, and you will want to play it over and over until the next release. Continue reading

Screenshot of The IconoclastsIt’s Sunday, a day I like to think of as the day of cheerful ignorance. Work, environmental concerns and the rule of law are some of the numerous things I like to ignore on Sundays, and I urge you all to do the same.

I also urge you all to swarm over Konjak’s site now, and be sure you make appropriately appreciative noises. He has posted a splendid video that both analyses the design of good action platformers (Metroid Fusion, in the main) and explains some of the philosophy behind what makes his own games so splendilicious. His narration is a perfect rendition of the style I call Avuncular Psychopath, and the piece is interspersed with a pixel plot as potty as… as… Eh, I’m adding excessive alliteration to the list of things to ignore on Sunday.

Its a lovely piece of insight delivered with Konjak’s characteristic flair. Go now and watch.

(Oh, all right, here it is. But only if you promise to mail gobletfuls of flawless rubies to Konjak until he finishes The Iconoclasts.) Continue reading

I’m terrible at decisions. For example: Do I pick the Peking Duck or the chocolate shortbread? Should I tie my shoelaces or let them drag in the mud to show off my nihilistic pretension? Do I want a pet rabbit or a sniper rifle?

Here’s another one: How do I top my first post? Continue reading