Chantelise screenshot

Ooh, well spotted, Rock Paper Shotgun: Carpe Fulgur, those loveable lightning-grabbers responsible for the localisation of Recettear, are about to release another fastidiously-translated indie game on Steam and other things that are not Steam.

Chantelise: A Tale of Two Sisters was actually released before Recettear in Japan, and it bears a sisterly resemblance to its successor, by way of graphics and combat and happiness and other such things. It’s an action RPG designed in a wind tunnel, so while money will change hands in shop-like establishments at points, for the most part you’ll be running after the witch who turned your sister into a faery, and not after capitalism. Continue reading

Roguelikes, it seems, are finally getting the attention they deserve.

Just lookit Dungeons of Dredmor. At the time of writing it was the third most-sold game on Steam, already having spent some time buffing its nails at the top of that vaporous hill.

Indie developers Gaslamp Games appear a little shocked. And I suppose it is a bit of a shock to see a niche genre so readily embraced. Continue reading

Yet another reason to keep living has come from the equatorial creativity swamps of Indie in the guise of They Bleed Pixels, a charming scroller featuring spikes, cephalopods, a little girl and a pailful of mutilation.

It looks as slick as a newly-laid blood trail, and I became suddenly and desperately ill when I saw it tilted for the Crossbox and not PC. I regained myself after my feverish micromissive to developer Spooky Squid led to this sort-of assurance: “Once we’re done the xblig version we’ll start thinking PC…” (EDIT: Out of common courtesy I should have added that this was said over Twitter.)

But these sudden desperate illnesses of mine will be a thing of the wayward past if the rumours turn out to be honourable. Oh, I can hope, can’t I?

Footage after the jump! Continue reading