Humble Indie Bundle

Humble IndiesI admit it: I feel more alive today than I did yesterday. I think this has something to do with the temporal nature of exhaustion, but probably more to do with the prescription stimulation of my central nervous system.

It also helps (and forgive me for being positively glacial on the uptake) that a number of very agreeable indie games have spontaneously accreted around my databanks without so much as a roving eye toward my credit card. Continue reading

The sad puppyWho knew giving to charity could be so easy? Last week it was hard. Last week I was accosted in the street by a lady holding a basket full of teddy bears and flowers. Her fixed smile and glossy eyes frightened me and I had to restrain her with an ankle lock. She told me she represented the puppies, but I know a cover story when I hear one.

Now if the puppies had approached me in a decent manner (say using Rock Paper Shotgun as a go-between), and then offered me five awesome indie games along with the opportunity to give money to charity, that ankle lock would have stayed out of sight. Continue reading