Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is done. Okay, it’s not quite done, and what a bloody relief, but Frictional Games – creator of the original Amnesia: The Dark Descentposts that thechineseroom has handed over their final build of the title, all ready for “testing, tweaking, optimising, porting, translating and all those things that are part of the process of creating and releasing a game”. Continue reading


Oh fiddlesticks. I am so behind the times.

But that doesn’t matter! This does: Limbo is coming to Steam, having had its silhouetted, creepy way with the players of the Box of X. Continue reading

Hooray! Somehow WordPress managed to update itself, all by itself, in the process corrupting lots of fun things.

Thousands of technicians are working on the matter this very instant. Some of them are dying of exhaustion already, but they’re built like that.