Oh, hello already.

Don’t you hate mass introductions? I mean, am I supposed to remember all of your names? Shake all of your hands? You don’t even know where I’ve been. Do you want a drink? No, I’m not buying. Do I look rich?

There, that’s better. At least, I feel better, which is good enough for me.

This is Hidden Exit. It’s about games. Not board games, and not the sort of game you play on a pavement with a stick of chalk and an embarrassed friend. Perhaps about games involving handcuffs and unlikely shapes that may or may not be used for a DIY back massage.

It’s mainly about video games. (For the PC, specifically. Remember those?) Because, despite what your parents might have told you, games are important. Important like dreams. Important like a cube of soma.

In other words, they’re a change of angle. A non-Euclidean holiday. Yes, an escape of sorts. But one day, perhaps, more than just of sorts.

Here, listen to this: