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I told you I’d be back with a thought expansion on the topic of Dungeons of Dredmor. I just didn’t tell you I’d be posting those bigger, better thoughts on G3AR. But it’s true, and I just did.

It’s a beastly, beastly game, and I love loathe love it to the very depths of its foul, slick soul. I just hate all diggles and spit on their impotent shadows. Gaslamp Games, you made trouble for yourself when you invented diggles. How many death threats do you get per diem, on average? I can assure you that at least more than half of them are not from me.

Right then, glad to have got that off my chest. I think I’ll just give Dred one mor go.

Roguelikes, it seems, are finally getting the attention they deserve.

Just lookit Dungeons of Dredmor. At the time of writing it was the third most-sold game on Steam, already having spent some time buffing its nails at the top of that vaporous hill.

Indie developers Gaslamp Games appear a little shocked. And I suppose it is a bit of a shock to see a niche genre so readily embraced. Continue reading