Screenshot 1 of The Last Stand: Union City

Zombies. We’ve all fought them off at one point or another. I don’t encounter them all that often any more now that people have explained the difference between a zombie and a toddler to me, so life’s a bit less fun.

Still, while we may hope in vain for a real zombie invasion and the freedom to run riot through a mall with a fully automatic shotgun, zombie-themed games have been invading the Interwaves for some time now, and thankfully show no signs of abating.

The latest dedicated undead death-dealing dead-’em-up is another neat browser dalliance by Con Artist Games. Following in the dragging footsteps of the other Last Stand Games, The Last Stand: Union City is a side-on depiction of zombie carnage featuring RPG elements and plenty of pick-ups. Continue reading

Screenshot of Sweatshop

Have you ever wanted to run your own sweatshop? I know I have. I mean, what else am I supposed to have kids for?

Those of us weighed down by the tyranny of the guilty conscience can thank the intrepid fellows over at Littleloud Studios, then, for creating a wonderful and sinister arcade-style sim featuring the dubious goings-on at a neocolonialist’s dream operation. Continue reading