SFXT screenshot 7

I am of that dwindling breed who played the very first Street Fighter, when it hit that long-lost version of the arcade that was kept both warm and smelling of bed time by the adjacent laundromat. I also played the first Tekken, at one of those gaming nexuses parents use to occupy their children while they gamble away the mortgage.

I have a long and nostalgic history of losing miserably at both these franchises. Losing at either is a distinctly different experience, and I was sceptical at the thought of smooshing them together; Street Fighter is all firebally and whoosh, whereas Tekken has Eddy. I had visions of a game more redolent of mystery meat a la Blanka than a tight, cohesive brutality machine.

Thankfully, I was wrong. Continue reading

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition screenshot

I’ve post a review detailing the boisterous antics in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition over at PC Format’s newish G3AR website.

It’s a game filled with ruffians! They can’t bloody well go for a minute without pulling an ultra combo on pets and passersby. But it’s a good game. A mighty game! And I suck at it.

But maybe you wont. See for yourself.