White Paper Games have just put out, in trailer form, a shockingly accurate depiction of my average day on a hangover. Oh, I jest. It’s really for Ether One, a first-person mind-bender that’s looking curiouser and curiouser. Just have a gander at that lovely drawn-on art style (epilepsy warning – possible seizure trigger):
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Deus Ex screenshot 1

It’s time for some shameless bandwagonning: By now you have no doubt heard that Deus Ex: Human Revolution has really, really, actually gone gold. Just for you, I’ve waited a whole day without moving to see whether or not the news was part of some ill-mannered bit of pranksterism, and I’m pleased to tell you I survived the night.

If this post ends halfway through it’s because I’ve lost consciousness owing to a massive hit of disbelief to the brain.

Who do I have to sexually befavour to get August 23 turned into the start of a multinational month-long holiday to mark the game’s release? I’m not sure how else I’ll be able to justify doing absolutely nothing but play Deus Ex for that time, but I’ll think of something if my campaign fails to grip hearts.

Hold on, I need to breathe into a brown paper bag that by coincidence also contains a rag soaked in ether.