White Paper Games have just put out, in trailer form, a shockingly accurate depiction of my average day on a hangover. Oh, I jest. It’s really for Ether One, a first-person mind-bender that’s looking curiouser and curiouser. Just have a gander at that lovely drawn-on art style (epilepsy warning – possible seizure trigger):

Set to be the first of two narrative-centric puzzlers, Ether One has you take on the task of a “Restorer” – one who has the ability to project into and restructure the minds of others. You’d expect a person such as this would be getting one hell of a jolly out of the knack, but in actual fact Restorers use this superpower to for the good of all mankind, okay? Sheesh.

Anyway. Stranded in a labyrinth of memories, and now bleached of your own identity, your job is to heal a client’s broken mind by poking about and “rebuild[ing] the fragile structures within”, as the game’s blurb lays it. On the way you’ll uncover her past and find that the path back to your own salvation is interwoven with hers, which is just as well really.

As an added bonus you’ll get to flash about a camera that would fill a hipster with hideous, screeching indifference, and shit will get all Matrix on you. Can’t say fairer than that.

The game will also feature QR codes. Buggered if I know what that means, but give it the ol’ nod if you want to see it Greenlighted on Steam. I know I do.

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