It was a dark, soul-wringing day in the depths of Hidden Exit when Terraria’s development stepped on a primordial black hole and obliviated. The capacity to feel joy was sucked straight the hell out of my face, and I started staring at the Starbound development blog in the same way my fictional cat stares at small living things that it is about to torture and then kill.


As if to taunt me alone, Terraria dev Redigit has posted a call for a list of features people would most like to see in a “hypothetical” update of the time destroyer he helped birth. Bless.

High up on the list is, of course, all the content heading into the touted console version of the game (sniff). That aside, Steam Workshop support is a big “pretty please”, along with new biomes, more special dimensions, and a gigafuckton of equipment, block types and creatures. The usual, in other words.

On a personal note, I simply want an infinite, never-ending tempest of things with which to decorate my imaginary house with, Redigit; thanks for asking.

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