GolfXTRM screenshot 1

GolfXTRM is what you get when you dunk a suit-coated golfer in a jar of ketamine and shove his head in a NES cartridge slot.

Made amid the fantastical Fuck This Jam – whose dashing premise is that something vauntiful will happen if you get people to make games in genres they fucking hate – it’s a surreal golfing sim with procedural woodlands, seasons, and trees that grow in real time. (Read that again.)

There is no hud. There is just a ball to strike – and doing so is delightfully kinetic, like half-time amid a game of Die by the Sword. You explore, forgetting to look for the stupid ball, your body developing the sort of momentum that would piss off Newton. The world swims by like a calm green fever.

“Golf games seem to be about watching power meters and adjusting targeting sights,” says creator Eugene Hopkinson (AKA Riot) on the game’s landing page. “I prefer being outdoors, exploring procedural landscapes, and playing with physics simulations.”

It’s currently rather crashy and empty, but development continues. I hope it will for some time to come.

PS: For the record, I fucking hate golf.

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