Oh, blast my slovenly inattention. Joakim Sandberg, also known variously as Konjak and The Second Coming of the Pixel, has released a new alpha for The Iconoclasts. It’s shorter than the first, it’s been the subject of ratcheting and tinkering and cries of “my pretty”, and you will want to play it over and over until the next release.

This is now late news, I’m aware, but it’s news that irradiates the cockles of my heart – and something I simply must post about, seeing that I’ve done a fair bit of harp-twanging upon the topic. With its sidescrolling cheekiness, disgustingly lovely 16-bit charm and charactertastic story, I can think of few games I’m awaiting with more rabidity. It’s as if Square, high as the dickens following the release of Final Fantasy VI, had executed a daring sideways flip into the SNES-era arms of Mario and Metroid and just never looked back.

Just examine the frames of this here new trailer:

Everything about the The Iconoclasts feels like it’s about to bleed love all over the new carpet. The artwork is dashing, the controls tight, the action varied and compelling, and the characters full of, well, character.

And need I remind anyone that this is a one-man outfit? Sandberg does the pixels, the coding and the sound all by himself.

I am sick with envy. Sick with it!

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