Excellent news, and just in time for my bicentennial post! Those Machiavellian fellows over at Spooky Squid have pulled the ol’ switcharoo on the Xblock, abandoning Microsoft’s system and opting instead to vent their upcoming arcade horror game They Bleed Pixels on Steam. Which is obviously a very clever thing to have done. Oh, jubilance!

The move, according to the Spooky Squid press release on the topic, was done because “other game developers and players have told us that the game really deserves to reach a larger audience and the move to PC and Steam will do just that”. Also, I venture to opine, because the ageing Xblah is starting to forget the names of its children.

Double awesome: the news is accompanied by a new preview video for They Bleed Pixels (see below), which shows cutscenery, buzz-saws and gameplay so sadistic I already have a knot of preemptive frustration gnawing away at me. In a charming touch of oddity that I have just noticed, the game appears to throw such terms as “rugose”, “eldritch” and “gibbous” at you when you pull off some one-button punchmagic. Bravo.

It’s set to be released at the onset of Soonish, with the year that has oozed by since its last scheduled release date having been spent on spit-buffing, more levels, and Steamy accoutrements such as a pathologically competitive leaderboard, cloud saving and those obligatory achievements.

Colour me ready.


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