New details have arisen about Ed McMillen’s upcoming game. They have arisen like a deranged monkey arising after a slumber induced by barbiturates and angel dust.

The Binding of Isaac, to paraphrase McMillen (whom I imagine types his game news in like The Phantom of the Opera plays piano), will be a dynamic arranged marriage between Zelda’s dungeon-crawling and Smash TV’s possessed shootery.

The roguelike shooter will take place on a per-dungeon basis, with each level featuring a shop and treasury, along with hidden areas, items and shit to kill. There will also be flies that are “attracted to piles of shit and if they eat too much of the shit they get fat and become bloated flys that poop blood at you”. This, if you haven’t guessed already, is fantastic news.

Let’s get to the items. Like Zelda, The Binding of Isaac (or T-BoI, as I like to call it) sneers like a sommelier in a trailer park at the RPG convention of levelling, instead relying on items to provide the requisite bad-assedness.

These 70-plus items are like condoms in that they come in flavours – four, that is: usable items, passive powerups, weapon upgrades and statistic boosters. Most of them can be stacked, and the eventual result is that your character will turn into some sort of unstoppable Isaacbeast of doom, which is something I aspire to in private.

In addition to these central items, the game will feature resources in the way of bombs, keys (oh no), coins, cards, hearts and pills. These will be used to solve what McMillen calls “micro puzzles”, which so far sound like the standard fare of killing beastlets, accessing areas and doing other things that items are apt to do. I imagine there will be more to it, knowing this group of mad genius types.

By the time the game arrives on Steam in (so far) August, the meaty team that is not officially Team Meat hopes to have eight dungeons, over 10 bossy fellers, and 42 enemy types.

Go Team Meatish!

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