Yet another reason to keep living has come from the equatorial creativity swamps of Indie in the guise of They Bleed Pixels, a charming scroller featuring spikes, cephalopods, a little girl and a pailful of mutilation.

It looks as slick as a newly-laid blood trail, and I became suddenly and desperately ill when I saw it tilted for the Crossbox and not PC. I regained myself after my feverish micromissive to developer Spooky Squid led to this sort-of assurance: “Once we’re done the xblig version we’ll start thinking PC…” (EDIT: Out of common courtesy I should have added that this was said over Twitter.)

But these sudden desperate illnesses of mine will be a thing of the wayward past if the rumours turn out to be honourable. Oh, I can hope, can’t I?

Footage after the jump!


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