EDIT: Oh heavens, I forgot to credit Indie Games for this. I should be lashed like the caitiff I am.

Quick squee: Team Meat dev Edmund McMillen is working on a roguelike! It will be called The Binding of Isaac! And, presumably, it will be typically sane and conformist. I don my +2 blessed socks of fondness.

Additional squee: He’s working on the game (which is not official Meat, and not going to be a great big monster, he says) with programmer Florian Himsl (of  Tri-achnid and Coil and other multiple fames) and musicality man Danny Baranowsky (whose sounds you may know from Super Meat Boy and Canabalt).

McMillen is being somewhat squirrelly with details about the game, but I shamelessly purloined the above screenshot while poking around Himsl’s blog. (He says its from  his “newest game in development”, so I’m taking a flyer here, but not an ionospheric one.)

I am whelmed by excitement. And you should be too.

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